Panel held at European Parliament Beyond Growth Conference 2023.

This debate is about setting new goals for economic and trade policy. Their success should no longer be measured by the increase in gross national product, but by the reduction in poverty in the world, by their contribution to the fight against the impending climate catastrophe, by their contribution to achieving by 2030 the sustainable development goals, to which all member states of the United Nations have committed themselves. This event will discuss new indicators of a successful trade policy for politicians, managers, academic discourse and civil society.

Watch here (from 14:46:30) to hear Olivier De Schutter call for making trade deals conditional on complying with human rights based labour rights and environmental standards, subject to independent monitoring. This, he argues would be a show of solidarity with unions and social movements in the Global South who are fighting for more sustainable types of development. And would put the interests of people and the planet ahead of GDP at all costs.