Expanding the Recognition, Institutionalization and Accountability (RIA) Framework.

The Special Rapporteur released a report in 2016 that set out the Recognition, Institutionalization and Accountability (RIA) Framework for realizing economic and social rights. In that report he observed that economic and social rights are not being adequately realized because, generally speaking:

  1. in spite of a wave of constitutional enshrinement of such rights in the last couple of decades, this is not being backed up with adequate legislative recognition and regulatory frameworks;
  2. there is a lack of appropriate institutional arrangements and internalization of economic and social rights norms to promote and facilitate realization of economic and social rights; and
  3. there is a need for stronger mechanisms beyond reliance on the judicial arm of government to promote accountability for realizing these rights at both the inter- and intra-state level.

The current research project seeks to expand upon the 2016 report by investigating the extent of legislative recognition and institutionalization of economic and social rights globally, and the existence and strength of non-judicial accountability mechanisms at both the international and domestic level.